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Breea Cristofoli

3 Growth Strategies to Implement for the Spring

Running a business is difficult. Business owners take on so much to ensure they provide customers with innovative products/services backed by unparalleled customer service, lead employees to support growth, manage finances, build, and maintain business relationships, and find new ways for the company to grow and develop. 

Destress this Spring and watch your company grow with Pop Digital Marketing. At Pop, we give you the most innovative, precise, and result-oriented marketing strategies through our years of experience, dedication, and hard work. 

We guarantee results. Here are 3 growth strategies to implement as you make plans for the Spring. 

Increase Your Online Presence 

How often should you be posting on social media? 

Every social post is not going to hit your followers’ feeds, which is why it is important to stay active on all platforms as much as possible. This could be through Facebook stories, Instagram stories, posting a video sometimes, or just interacting with your audience through comments and replies. 

Social media is fast paced by nature, and content becomes obsolete quickly. While you do not want to overwhelm your following with too many posts, we see that a happy medium of 3-4 posts per week is optimal for staying top-of-mind. 

At Pop Digital Marketing, our team of social media experts can diversify your content to maximize engagement and engage with your audience to achieve the highest results. 

Write Blogs That Actually Encourage Clicks 

Do blogs generate leads? 

Blogs are extremely valuable to generate leads, brand awareness, and SEO. A HubSpot study found that 60% of people read a blog at least once a week. Yet, blogging requires a lot of work. It takes time to develop topics, write your content, and format and publish your posts on a regular and consistent basis. 

Blogs increase leads by 67% (Demand Metric). Blogging Improves your visibility. The more valuable pages you publish, the higher your page rank which means when leads type-in a search term that exists on your page(s), the chances of being seen are significantly higher. 

Blogs are a crucial part of content marketing but it’s no easy lift. We have a fantastic team of writers that create and optimize blogs for SEO to yield maximum results for our clients. It is time to have consistent fresh and engaging content on your website that keeps your audience coming back. 

Email to Stay Connected 

How often should you be reaching out to leads? 

Emails are effective in generating sales, enhancing customer or client engagement, acquiring new customers or clients, and creating consumer awareness and loyalty. Return on Investment or ROI for email marketing can be as high as 4400% (Campaign Monitor). 

If you are an e-commerce brand or have more than 10,000 contacts, 10-12 email per month is ideal. However, if you are a smaller business or service-centered company with less than 2,000 contacts, 3-4 emails per month is an ideal frequency. 

Creating an email is more than just a nice graphic and copy. There is so much that goes into email marketing behind the scenes. From developing an effective strategy, creating a lead generation funnel, building your referral lists, segmenting your audience by interest or activity, and creating click-worthy campaigns to collecting and analyzing the performance data. Our team at Pop Digital Marketing has the tools and knowledge to drive results. 

Finally, See the Results You’ve Been Waiting For 

This Spring, it is time to invest in results. When it comes to digital marketing, we do it all. Our team is constantly growing our knowledge base and technical skills to bring our clients the highest level of services available.  

Ready to see results and #GetDisovered? Contact us today to get started. 

Diversity Marketing: Creating A Strategy That Works

 A recent study conducted by Adobe found that “61% of Americans find diversity in advertising important”. The modern consumer wants to feel seen by brands and diversity marketing is the key to achieving your audiences’ trust and approval. 

Diversity marketing allows your business to approach the market from a variety of angles and widen your reach. Brands often fail because their marketing is too narrow and doesn’t represent ‘real’ people in the present society. The present & future of marketing is now and it is diverse. Consumers are paying attention, are you? 

What Is Diversity Marketing? 

Diversity marketing is a marketing strategy that appeals to multiple groups of consumers. Successful diverse marketing stems from having a deep understanding of various cultures so that you can create effective and authentic content for your target audience. Brands often fail to reach these markets because their strategies are too narrow, only appealing to one or two specific groups.  

If you want to create an effective diverse marketing strategy, you need to go that extra mile to research and truly understand these diverse groups. You should learn about your target audience by asking questions and experimenting. The more effort you put forth helps to ensure that your brand’s diversity marketing strategy is a success.  

3 Steps in Creating a Successful Diversity Marketing Strategy: 


1. Learn and Understand your Company’s Diverse Market 

The first thing to do in diverse marketing is to dive deep into your consumer’s minds and learn about these different groups that exist. According to a recent report from Facebook, “most (71%) expect brands to promote diversity and inclusion in their online advertising”. Take the time to understand these groups and learn how they would want to see themselves in media, be spoken to, and discussed. 

2. Add Inclusive Imagery into Your Content 

People want to be able to see themselves in a brand’s advertisements and content. If a brand is only using images portraying one type of person, they are narrowing their audience. According to a report from Heat Test, “69% of brands with representative ads saw an average stock gain of 44% in a seven-quarter period ending last year”. Having a wider, more inclusive representation in your brand’s imagery is a key factor in a successful diverse marketing strategy. 

3. Strategize Ways to Prevent Tokenism 

Tokenism is the practice of only doing a symbolic effort to do a particular thing. This is basically when brands singularly try to appear more inclusive and diverse when they are actually doing this to just make their consumers happy. People are quick to know when a company is not authentic, and doing this can really damage your brand. Make sure you come from a place of sincerity and authenticity; this will ensure your diverse efforts will be a success.  

Successful Diversity Marketing: 

Creating a successful diversity marketing strategy doesn’t just benefit your brand and consumers, it influences the positive change of a more accepting cultural, inclusive, and diverse world. The team at Pop Digital Marketing aims to ensure our marketing strategies are as effective as possible for our clients. The more you understand your diverse audience, the more likely you will achieve success.