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SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization is the greatest tool for driving qualified traffic to your site.  Search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing take the keywords typed in a search box and “crawl” websites to find related content. The search engines then filter results based on the best fit for those keywords. Statistics show that click-through rates on your site link will drop from 42.30% on the first page of the search engine to 0.66% on the second page.  It is imperative to the growth of your business that your site shows up first organically on search engines.


The first step is evaluating your current site to find areas in need of improvement as well as areas that are already working well. A full audit is conducted using comprehensive SEO tools and services provided to Pop Digital Marketing as Google Partners.

Research Keywords

We will optimize your site with the relevant keywords your customers are searching for. We use Google Analytics, Search Console Tools and other keyword measuring tools to stay on top of your optimization needs.

In Depth Keywords

We will create your in-depth list of keywords to best target your audiences. The keyword tree is a multipurpose tool as we use it for both content creation and adwords campaigns!

Google Business Account

Our team works with you to build your presence across all digital channels. An organic way to increase your search ranking is through a fully produced Google Business Account.

High Traffic Content

We create high traffic content on your site. By setting an optimized content schedule, we will require search engines to crawl your site and rank you higher on an ongoing basis.

Analysis Report

We provide all of our SEO clients with full monthly analysis reports. Each report gives you insight on your traffic, goals, keywords, rankings, and engagement data.

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